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Questions to ask Egg Donation Programs

 How long has the company been in business?


 Are all donors legal residents of the United States? (Undocumented immigrants should not be donors.)


 Will the service provide references?


 How do you recruit donors?


 What psychological screening is done on donors and by whom?


 What medical screening is done on the donors?

 What is the number of donors currently available?


 How much information will you be given about the donor, and what, if any, information will be given to the donor about you?

 Do you have donors who are willing to have an open relationship now or in the future?

 Does the program include legal counsel? Whose interests are represented? The services? The donors? Should you consider hiring an attorney to represent you?

 Will your clinic or doctor work with this particular matching service?




 What is the cost of using the service?


 Is total payment due prior to match?


 What fee does the egg donor receive?


 If the donor lives out of state, will I need to pay for housing or transportation at the time of ovulation induction and egg retrieval?


 If the donor changes her mind midstream and decides not to continue, will the service provide a new “match” with no additional fee?


 What are financial arrangements if the donor has poor or no response to the stimulation protocol?

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

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